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B2B program accelerators

For over 20 years, Forsta has been working with B2B organizations, across a wide spectrum of industries, honing our tools to master the complexities faced by companies like yours. Forsta has been recognized year after year by industry experts for our knowledge, experience, and powerful approach to delivering B2B insights programs that drive business results – fast!

What are Forsta’s accelerators?

There are three key building blocks forming our approach to enabling B2B organizations to get their Forsta CX program up and running quickly. Accelerators are one of these building blocks. Our program building blocks are:

  • Forsta platform: Technology platform that underpins our VoC solutions
  • Compass: Consulting, services, and support to help you to Define, Deliver, and Drive your CX program to achieve long-term business improvement and tangible Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Accelerators: Templates, processes, and workflows supporting a rapid implementation of our Forsta platform

Accelerators are created with expert guidance provided by our implementation specialists and consulting team. The team works with you to identify your unique business needs, then uses the appropriate accelerators to get you up and running fast!

How can accelerators help my business?

Our ever-expanding arsenal of accelerators provides a starting point that helps speed the implementation of our Forsta platform. Forsta’s accelerators are highly configurable to accommodate the unique needs of your business.

Best of all, our proprietary accelerators were designed by top CX experts to ensure your program is leveraging best practices specifically tailored for B2B organizations. In this way, you get a best practice program, tailored to your needs up and running much more quickly and efficiently than traditional implementations allow. This method makes it easy for you to move from implementation to insights and action fast, providing a rapid and tangible Return on Investment!

What types of accelerators are available?

We have multiple processes, templates, and workflows available, including dashboards for various roles in the organization, survey designs, and text analytics categorization models. CRM Integrations and standard action workflows for case management are also available. More specifically, for B2B programs we provide:

Listening posts

Voice of Customer program design

We know just the sort of questions to ask to ensure your program is valued across your business. We bring Customer Experience and technical expertise, along with market-specific knowledge to ensure the right program elements are prioritized.

Survey design

We provide two foundational survey designs that work in tandem to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of both account opportunities and risks. Our relationship survey is targeted to gauge client loyalty and our Account Team survey helps you understand an internal view of account health.

Data integration

Data inputs

We have standard practices, formats, and templates to help you make the most of your data by integrating and correlating customer, operational, and financial data to provide a comprehensive picture of your account’s health. For those using Salesforce CRM, we also have a Connector available on the Salesforce App Exchange together with recommendations of how to configure the integration of Salesforce data into Forsta.

Analysis & reporting

Text analysis

Our categorization model template has been developed to accommodate common B2B requirements such as tracking by product SKUs, account, household, unique turns of phrase or other qualifiers. In addition, you can easily add your own terms and language (taxonomies) over time to increase its value to your company.


We have two foundational dashboards available. The first dashboard is designed to meet the fundamental needs of a senior executive managing the business. The second foundational dashboard is designed for the account team managing a portfolio of clients. These foundational report designs allow businesses to see what is most important by role and minimize the time it takes to deliver the right insights to the right audiences.

Report templates

Forsta has report templates available for analyzing text, and for providing a range of standard analysis reports on your survey-data. Both can be deployed on their own with minimal configuration effort, or can be integrated into an
overall reporting framework.

Action planning

Closed-loop action management

We have created a series of alerts and notifications essential to managing a tactical closed-loop system. Alerts are based on variables important in a B2B environment, such as likelihood to renew, changes in spend or budget allocation, as well as key metrics such as recommendation or satisfaction. Additionally, established workflows are available helping your team manage individual client cases with appropriate escalation conditions to ensure they are followed through to completion.

Strategic change initiatives

Forsta helps B2B businesses to create, track and manage business initiatives that are designed to deliver improvement in key business outcomes, such as reduction in churn. Forsta has developed a library of actions associated with typical business metrics that can be pre-loaded into action planner. These are then available as recommendations to business users who are looking to drive improvement in their sphere of influence.


We know the most successful programs need strong governance to bring together disparate business lines and silos. We have built a collection of tips and best practices ready to embed within the rhythms of your program, all designed to keep you on track and growing.

Training and enablement

Tailored support and enablement

With Forsta, you’re never alone. We prioritize our customers’ success. As such, we have a multitude of tailored support and enablement options available to B2B organizations designed to ensure you have the knowledge and support you need regardless of whether your CX program is new or established.

How can I find out more?

To learn more about Forsta’s program accelerators or any of Forsta’s products or services, please reach out to your account manager or sales representative at www.forsta.com/contact


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