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Brand message dilution:
3 Steps guide to achieving consistency

What Is Brand message dilution?

Marketing spends a lot of time and effort creating a cohesive narrative that encompasses the facts and feelings created by their brand. However, a joint study conducted by Forsta, shows that marketing organizations are struggling to create one consistent message across all customer interactions — where every department in an organization, from Marketing & Sales to Technical & Installation teams, communicate the brand story in the same way to customers.

Nearly 60%

of companies agree their brand story is getting diluted before it reaches the buyer.

1. Understand your Customer Truth™

Those companies who report brand message consistency leverage research more fully.

How much does your customer research inform your brand and product messaging?



2. Engage employees with dynamic learning tactics

Companies with the most confidence in their brand alignment disproportionately use dynamic tactics with customer-facing representatives to drive message consistency

Gap between Top 2 and Bottom 3 Confidence in Brand Alignment

Tactics Driving Message Consistency

3. Ingrain it in company culture

Work on building the company culture that lives and breathes the message.

“We spend significant resources, time, and money to understand and articulate this.”

“We communicate it often. The brand and its messaging is preached company-wide at staff meeting and other meetings throughout the year.”

Achieving brand message alignment throughout an organization is no easy feat. However, these three steps help get closer to a single message, which in turn will reap benefits on the bottom line and with customer perceptions.


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