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Exploring child obesity’s root cause with Albar Research

Tools used

  • Deck blended research approach 
  • Direct participant engagement 
  • Quantitative survey
    (large sample panel) 
  • Qualitative exercises
    (video testimonials, journal writing, photo uploading)

Brazilian research consultancy Albar Research had a challenging project on their books: understanding the roots of child obesity in Latin America. Could our software help? 

The challenge

Understanding child obesity in Latin America

Child obesity is on the rise in Latin America. A recent study by the World Health Organization showed countries in the region have some of the highest rates of overweight preschool-aged children in the world.

Albar Research wanted to help tackle the trend. They needed to understand what children were actually eating, versus what they should be. And crucially, they wanted to figure out what stops kids from eating well – and what we can all do about it.  

“This was a very challenging and exciting project, and Forsta was an amazing contributor to our success. Their software allowed us to reach a large sample over a vast geographical spread, in a short period of time and to directly engage respondents and gain many insights about their views. It provided an opportunity for parents to easily share their journeys, almost in real-time, and we gained a deeper understanding of their points of view from those rich discussions.”

Ana Tereza Horta
Projects Director, Albar Research

Our solution

Blending research techniques to get the full picture

Getting a full picture of child obesity needed both qualitative and quantitative data – and our tools were ideal for bringing both techniques together.  

We started by gathering expert testimonials on our online platform. Then we sampled parents with a 20-minute survey. Next up, we looked more closely at how children eat through a qualitative platform, getting participants to use their smartphones to upload photos and write in journals. 

The results

Revealing the insights that change behaviour

The results brought rich insight: parents and professionals agreed bad habits and lack of information were at obesity’s heart. The surveys also unveiled more challenges: parents working full-time have less time to prepare meals and struggle to set boundaries. And children have a less active lifestyle than ever before. 

So what happens next? Participants agreed the best way to tackle child obesity is through education and awareness, at home and in schools. Albar’s research – with our support – is an important first step.

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