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Finding the feedback process to make great service even better

Tools used

  • Voice of Customer surveys 
  • Action management alerts  
  • Data analytics 
  • Custom benchmarking 

Carlson Wagonlit Travel already had industry leading customer service. Now they wanted the tools to stay at this high level for the long term, and get even better.  

The challenge

When your service is great, how do you make sure you can maintain it?

CWT is a big, successful company. They manage business travel in over 150 countries. They have 18,000 employees. And their clients include a third (yes, a third) of Fortune Global 100 companies. They already had market leading service, so they were focused on further improving and making sure they never dropped from the front of their industry’s pack. The problem was that their yearly feedback surveys weren’t getting them enough data – and they didn’t have the tools to make what they had count. 

“We received not just guidance, but true consulting. Forsta and their team guided us through a successful implementation, and they assist us in driving ongoing improvements directly based on the traveler feedback we continually receive.”

King Wah Leong
Sr. Director, Quality & Customer Experience, Traveler & Transaction Services, Carlson Wagonlit Travel 

Our solution

Revamping the feedback process, from top to bottom 

We went through a consulting process with CWT to understand exactly what they needed. It was soon clear that the first task was to get them more data, and make better use of it. So we shortened their surveys, made them more intuitive, and linked them to their customer database. We then set them up an analytics platform that allowed them to turn that data into key insights such as calculating Net promoter Scores (NPS) by client. And to act on these insights, we gave them automated email alerts that kept the right people up to date with what the feedback was saying.  

The results

Benefits beyond better customer service   

CWT’s survey responses quickly doubled to 30%. Customers who raised issues began hearing back within 24 hours, thanks to email alerts. The advanced data analytics helped CWT to find insights that went deep into their working practices. The data helped CWT realize their online booking process generated nine times more alerts than telephone booking – a problem they quickly set about fixing. They also found new ways to boost employee engagement, appeal more to new clients and help existing clients find issues in their own service. 


survey invitations sent globally 


times more compliments than complaints 


survey response rate


times more survey responses

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