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Forsta’s agile VoE solution

The traditional way of measuring employee engagement is no
longer providing value for many organizations.

  • Companies today spend more than $1 billion on annual
    engagement surveys.
  • Only 7% of organizations
    rate themselves excellent at
    measuring, driving, and improving employee
    engagement and retention.


You work hard to glean meaningful insights from the feedback you collect from your company’s Voice of the Employee (VoE) program.

Despite all that hard work, challenges abound:

  • Providing real-time insight to managers
  • Distilling employee feedback in to useful and actionable insight
  • Getting regional leaders to participate in the feedback process.

The hidden problem

Each one of these challenges seems monumental, but the truth is these challenges (and so many others) are simply symptoms of a bigger problem: The traditional way of measuring employee
engagement is no longer providing value for many organizations.

The data collected in broad-based annual surveys is neither meaningful nor actionable, and local leaders can’t own the results because they aren’t owning the process.

Furthermore, the change of pace in business has accelerated so much that waiting a year for general insights about your workforce simply doesn’t cut it. Today business leaders expect real-time, always-on employee insight.

The proof is in the numbers

Josh Bersin, one of the foremost thought leaders in this industry, says that companies today spend more than $1 billion on annual engagement surveys. Unfortunately, most companies still complain that they are not getting the value they need from these efforts. And, only 7% of organizations rate themselves excellent at measuring, driving, and improving employee engagement and retention. These factors in mind, some sources have even indicated that the traditional employee engagement surveys will be dead within the next 5 years.

Yet employee engagement is still a highly relevant topic! The Deloitte 2015 human capital trends study shows that culture and engagement are businesses’ top priority (78%). And, this makes sense considering the high cost of turnover and the fact that 1 in 3 “emerging stars” is disengaged and 12% of “high potential employees” are actively searching for a new job right now (CEB).

Is this familiar?

Despite the challenges, most businesses today continue to run traditional engagement surveys in an attempt to try to glean as many insights as possible. These programs provide deep datasets for analysis, but don’t offer anything meaningful that a manager can act on immediately. These factors in mind, managers become disengaged from the employee feedback process because it doesn’t hold value for them. The metrics you collect aren’t embedded in their KPI’s, and your global survey doesn’t provide concrete insight to help them do their job better. If managers do anything at all in response to the survey results, they are likely to turn to unapproved ad-hoc surveys that are not validated, backed by any particular methodology, or comparable across divisions. Ultimately, this rogue surveying hurts HR survey response rates and the credibility of the entire feedback process as employees don’t see any action resulting from their feedback.

There is a better way!

Rather than relying on the traditional centralized annual employee engagement surveys, that are not driving engagement or action, the key is to shift to a decentralized feedback process. You need an Agile Employee survey system that puts the power in the hands of managers, allowing them to collect the feedback that matters to them on a schedule that works for them – all while leveraging HR approved, validated research methodology that is able to compare results across employees, divisions, and eternal benchmarks.

You need a system that:

  • Allows for wide variety of listening posts, collecting solicited
    and unsolicited employee feedback
  • Provides HR with a centralized view of all feedback
  • Prevents employees from being over-surveyed
  • Facilitates standardized reporting and deep-dive analysis
  • Helps you “close the loop”, following up on employee feedback.

The solution: Forsta

It happens all the time. As technology develops, your competition heats up, and you are constantly reacting to your environment. But if your technology cannot support your clients’ ever-evolving demands, your investment is wasted as opportunities are lost.

Forsta can do all this! Forsta enables you to understand all points within the employee lifecycle so that you can take action at the most critical milestones within an employee’s time with your company. Our solutions are used to run the world’s largest employee engagement studies, and so it is uniquely suited to support large, complex and multi-national organizations.

With 2 decades of R&D behind our platform, our technology can handle the most complex demands of your Voice of the Employee program.


  • Hierarchy Management: The Forsta Hierarchy Management module provides users with an easy-to-use interface for building and verifying organizational hierarchies, which are central to data collection, analysis, and reporting for many Voice of Employee programs.
  • Data Collection: Capture data – online and offline – from employees around the world, in a way that suits them and ensures you capture more accurate insights. Web, mobile, SMS, paper, face-to-face, and telephone feedback is all combined into a single view, regardless of whether that data is structured or unstructured.
  • Integration: Our solutions operate around a unique engagement hub that combines data from multiple sources, including ERP and HRIS systems, to deliver enriched, personalized insights to managers around the globe.
  • Automation: By automating a huge proportion of the management and administration of the Voice of the Employee process, you can free up your time to gain insights about your employees and taking action to ensure they help drive your organization forward.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Forsta offers exceptional reporting capabilities, with the ability to deliver live, tailored dashboards to managers around the world, while enabling you to dig deeper into the data when you need to.

Simply put, Forsta’s Agile Employee Survey system mobilizes managers and HR to take action that drives
employee engagement.

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