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Giving a tiny CX team the tools to bring in big results

Tools used

  • Multi-channel surveys  
  • Online and offline data collection  
  • Text analysis  
  • Hierarchy management 

PennyMac’s two-person CX team is entirely responsible for pinpointing the places where they can improve their service. So they needed a platform that could lighten their load. 

The challenge

How can you understand your customers when you never see them?

Loan providers PennyMac like to keep things simple. No physical branches. No other products. Just home loans at good rates. But with only customer service calls and digital footprints, how can a two-person team map out the whole customer journey (and see where the gaps are)? They were running surveys, but their responses were sparse and vague. And even if they did have reams of detailed feedback, there were only two people in the office to go through it. 

“It’s one thing to look at reports and numbers on call centre rates or processes/exceptions, but when you can tie that data to actual customer feedback and comments, it really brings all those numbers to life. This program has really championed our ideas and kept everyone focused on our customer and always putting them in the centre of our business.”

Terry DuVarney
Senior Vice President, Loan Administration at PennyMac

Our solution

Letting customers dive into the details

With Forsta, PennyMac were able to quickly revamp their feedback system. Their surveys became quicker and more intuitive to fill out, and they allowed customers to go into more detail. One specific aspect was a game changer: text analysis. Forsta’s machine learning tools can quickly scan endless amounts of written text, to pick up repeating themes and significant trends. So PennyMac’s small team no longer had to spend hours reading each individual response.

The results

Making the changes that matter (and keeping an eye on them) 

PennyMac’s survey response rates shot up. And they found plenty of places where they could boost their service. They quickly got to work in three areas: customer letters, statement preferences and communicating payment changes. They even found ways to improve in different areas of the business, like their defaults and audit teams.

With Forsta’s action management tools, they could see the improvements taking shape. Soon, the number of confused customers calling in began to drop. And the number of customers who’d recommend PennyMac to a friend started to rise.


drop in calls from confused customers


increase in survey response rates 


rise in customers who’d recommend us to a friend

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