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Helping Unruly become masters of video engagement

Tools used

  • Deck creation
  • Data repository
  • Cross tabulation
  • Infographic dashboards 
  • PowerPoint batch reporting

How our software helped advertising tech company Unruly deliver to its clients and go big. 

The challenge

Beefing up scale

Unruly wanted to scale up. They wanted to support the delivery of video content to large audiences, integrate with leading partner technologies, and deliver highly customized data to their clients. We helped Unruly reach that scale. And from that point on, they had a feeling our relationship would be “long term.”

“Our investment in Forsta is core to our success and we know it’s a platform which can scale. We’ve built a highly skilled team of people who can regularly test the limits of both the data collection and reporting capabilities, and it’s always met the challenge.”

Claire Roberts
Product Manager at Unruly

Our solution

Forsta as the foundation

Forsta brought three wins for Unruly’s data collection and audience viewing experience: flexibility, integration and customization.  

On flexibility, Unruly’s data collection improved, making them better at supporting the delivery of videos seamlessly to large audiences.  

On integration, we’ve helped cut data program silos and unite Unruly’s partner technologies.   

And on customization, Unruly’s clients can get the reporting dashboards and charts that suit them down to a T. 

The results

Big gains at low cost

Thanks to Forsta products, Unruly could make major cost cuts while benefiting from the new scale we afford them.  

We fostered Unruly’s growth by helping them expand their product set and deliver on their clients’ specific needs. And all of those products are based on a single core survey. 


of video views
now taking place
outside of YouTube


Ad Age 100 brands now
trust Unruly to connect with audiences at speed and scale

Helping Unruly become masters of video engagement

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