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Working together to put customers in focus 

Tools used

  • Survey and program design 
  • Interactive dashboards 
  • Data analysis 
  • Action management 

How eir Large Business made focussing on customers its priority, in a successful partnership with W5 and our software.  

The challenge

Figuring out performance in the eyes of the customer 

Telecoms business provider eir Large Business knew they needed to better understand their relationships with the companies they serve, given the diversity of size and industry they represent. So they decided to create a set of in-depth metrics that would help them figure out how they were performing in the eyes of their customers.  

To make that happen, they paired up with customer experience consultancy W5 to launch a Voice of the Customer program – all running on the Forsta platform.  

“Deployment of the VoC program on Forsta has provided valuable insight into the issues impacting our customers which allows us to design remediation programs to swiftly reduce dissatisfaction. We are also able to provide employees with very intuitive and insightful reports through clear, interactive dashboards. These dashboards are circulated to all managers on a weekly basis. This is critical to keeping customers top-of-mind in everything we do.”

Liz Hickey
eir Large Business

Our solution

Measuring customer satisfaction at the important touchpoints 

The company launched its Bigger Business surveys, which targeted over 5,000 of eir Large Business’ top customers and measured their satisfaction at five important points. With our software at the ready, they were able to measure both Customer Effort (CE) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) at these touchpoints.  

And thanks to automatic survey triggers, W5 were able to send out the right surveys for voice, broadband, mobile and data services.  

The results

Smashing targets on NPS and annual revenue savings   

The stats tell a story of success: churn rate for voice and broadband services has fallen by 1.5% and 0.5% respectively, leading to annual revenue savings of around €624k for eir Large Business. 

And thanks to initiatives like improving processes, up-skilling and merging support teams, and making customer journeys simpler, their service centre made cost savings of €2m in 2016. NPS increased by 24 points in the same year and is up by 43 points since the beginning of the program – smashing targets. 


annual revenue savings  


reduction in churn rate for voice services  


cost savings in 2016


increase in NPS during 2016

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